Handle peak shipping volumes during holiday season


Not enough elves to do the work during peak season? Then meet the CVP-500 by Neopost!

There's a new fit-to-size automated packing solution on the market and efulfillment companies are using it to replace 10 packing stations at a time; it's called the CVP-500 by Neopost. The secret? Innovation, technological excellence and a strong focus on sustainability. In a matter of seconds, the individual order is 3D scanned, the CVP-500 cuts and creases a ‘fit to size’ box, the order is packed, sealed, weighed and labeled ready for dispatch. A seamless process delivering a ‘fit to size’ individual box for each and every order.  

Reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and manage peak volumes. Are these just some of the challenges you are facing with your current packing process? We can help you! Discover how these companies have automated their packing process, and find out where they are saving money: the CVP-500 Automated Packing Solution.