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The CVP-500 makes fulfillment faster, more sustainable and more efficient than ever before for businesses of all types and sizes.
Customer industries include: retail and e-commerce, third party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment, and B2B manufacturing, as well as distribution and wholesale.

Mason Companies | United States | B2C

Mason Companies is a family-owned company that has been operating in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley (USA) for over 100 years. The business began in 1904 by selling logging boots to local lumbermen. Today the company sells footwear, apparel and general merchandise nationwide via the internet and mail order catalogs. This retailer has the CVP-500 automated packing solution in use to help save money in labor, packaging materials and shipping costs. With the combination of the CVP-500 and specialized shipping software Mason Companies is seeing substantial cost savings per package and shipping orders are faster than ever.

Blokker | Netherlands | B2C

Blokker is the largest non-food retailer in the Netherlands and the brand is an integral part of any Dutch shopping street. It’s the omnichannel shop that’s always nearby with relevant and surprising products. Customers can shop 24/7 in Blokker’s web shop and they can choose from tens of thousands of products that are sent from the fulfilment center in Gouda (Netherlands). Every day, the vast majority of the orders are packaged by the CVP-500 in a custom-fit box. This fit to size packing automation has led to a 20% reduction in cardboard use and an annual cut back in shipping volume of 30%.

Cdiscount | France | B2C

Cdiscount is the leader of ecommerce in France. The company offers a wide portfolio of goods online and sends out over 15 million parcels to its customers every year. With CVP-500, Cdiscount not only wants to save on cardboard and void fill materials, but also to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting the number of delivery trucks on the road, while at the same time continuously improving customer experience. The system is used for packing items ordered from its homeware, sport, childcare, auto and motorbike product ranges.

The Label Collective Group | Netherlands | B2B

Due to short delivery times, automation is crucial for The Label Collective Group, a Dutch company that supplies and produces labels for approximately 37,000 online customers. This fast turnaround is necessary since customers have the option of receiving their orders within 24 hours. The CVP-500 automated packing solution is a critical component in The Label Collective Group’s fulfillment process. The CVP-500 streamlines and automates the company's packing to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Lasaulec, a technical wholesaler | Netherlands | B2B

Lasaulec is a technical wholesaler selling maintenance, repair and operating supplies (such as bolts, welding equipment and safety clothes) across The Netherlands. A few years ago the company decided to centralize all its logistics activities out of one single automated warehouse. Although this both quickened and simplified processes, a new bottleneck emerged when it came to packaging. This is where the CVP-500 comes into play.

Docdata e-commerce fulfilment | Netherlands | 3PL

Docdata is specialized in e-fulfillment, returns logistics and online payment services. One of their key customers is, the leading e-commerce company in the Netherlands. They have a product range of over 8 million unique products. These products come in all sorts of sizes: from a tiny eye pencil up to a vacuum cleaner. The first prototype of the CVP-500 was developed in close collaboration with Docdata. This system has been in operation since October 2013, packaging over 500.000 parcels for every year.

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✔ Creating a fit-to-size parcel every 7 seconds
✔ Saving 20% on cardboard
✔ Eliminating unnecessary void fill
✔ Reducing up to 50% in shipping volume
✔ Packing single or multiple items with no limitations in shape or size

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