Reduce Your DIM Weight Costs

The rapid world wide growth in e-commerce is pushing the demand for automated fulfillment solutions. The benefits of integrating the CVP-500 into your existing fulfillment environment are sizeable.

See how you can boost your business with automated packaging in 6 ways.

Boost your productivity. With CVP-500, just put your orders on the machine and it prepares the shipment.


The CVP-500 is 10 times faster than manual fulfillment. Only one operator handles the entire packing process, significantly reducing employee costs.

Pack your orders in smaller parcels with CVP-500


The CVP-500 reduces DIM weight charges up to 50% by creating the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense, to result in the lowest possible shipping costs.

CVP-500 : save material with smaller parcels without filling

Packing material

A fit-to-size box saves up to 20% on cardboard and eliminates the need for void fill - an environmentally friendly solution that provides significant cost savings.

The CVP-500 system can handle a wide variety of orders


The CVP-500 is optimized for a full range of dimensions. The size and quantity of products packed in a single parcel is fully flexible.

CVP-500 : boost your productivity with order packing automation


The CVP-500 can create a custom fit parcel every 7 seconds. Simply put the items to be packed on the conveyor and the CVP-500 takes care of the rest

With CVP-500, save space in your warehouse

Warehouse space

The CVP-500 enables you to eliminate storage space for all standard size boxes that would typically be kept in stock. It can produces up to 700 boxes with only  two m3 cardboard

Improve Customer Satisfaction & Brand Identity

With CVP-500, create fit-to-size parcels to improve your e-commerce customers satisfaction By using the CVP-500 your customers receive orders in perfectly sized parcels. No void fill and as little cardboard as possible means less material being transported, satisfying the growing demand for sustainable packaging and shipping. Even more:

  • The parcel can be used for communication with the customer with features as branded cardboard and customization of enclosures
  • Items inside are perfectly protected with a custom fitted box
  • The automated system reduces the risk of human error. A weighing platform and camera system reduces the risk of errors and guarantees each order is complete
  • The fit-to-size parcel reduces your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly solution for packaging and shipment.


The CVP-500 is a unique, fit-to-size packing system

CVP-500,  a unique system in 9 steps to optimize your order fulfilment

1 Icon Cardboard Feeder

700 meters of continuous feed corrugated from one pallet. Changing feeders takes two minutes.

2 Icon Order Input & Scanning

Every seven seconds an operator places an item on the CVP-500. Single and multiple items are possible with no limitation in shape.

3 Icon 3D Item Scanner

The dimensions of each order are measured electronically to help determine the size of the box needed.

4 Icon Fit-to-Size Box Creation

Every item is packaged in a custom fit-to-size box that eliminates unnecessary volume and the need for void fill.

5 Icon Pick & Place Robot

(Optional) Easily add an invoice, packing slip or return label in the box just before it closes.

6 Icon Printer Station

(Optional) Print an invoice or return label with every order and the pick and place robot will place it in the box.

7 Icon Tape Unit

Every box is taped using 50mm tape, making it easy to open and re-use for customer returns.

8 Icon Scale

(Optional) Measure the weight of every parcel to ensure accurate DIM weight calculations to help determine the appropriate shipping method.

9 Icon Print and Apply Label

A carrier compliant shipping label is printed and applied to every box.


CVP-500, a solution particularly suited to e-commerce orders

Retail and E-Commerce

A high volume of labor-intensive work still exists today in the filling, packing and processing of parcels. The rapid worldwide growth in e-commerce is pushing the demand for automated fulfillment solutions.

The CVP-500 automates and optimizes all the steps of fulfillment as soon as an order has been picked. Resulting in later cut-off times and faster delivery to your customers.

CVP-500 brings more productivity to e-commerce logistic providers

Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Fulfillment

As a third-party logistics service provider you represent a strategic, competitive advantage to your customers. They outsource logistics activities to reduce costs and to shorten order cycle times. Customers expect you to improve their service level and deliver business process efficiencies.

The CVP-500 automates and optimizes all the steps of fulfillment as soon as an order has been picked. Resulting in operational savings on labor, material, storage and shipping, the CVP-500 will highly contribute to your processes and business.

CVP-500 : packing optimization and flexibility for B2B

B2B: Manufacturing, Distribution and Wholesale

Businesses of all types and sizes – manufacturers, distributers and wholesalers– are investing in strategies and technology to transform B2B e-commerce into a newly powered engine of growth. Processes need to be adapted, from shipping large pallets to boxes with only single items.

The CVP-500 automates and optimizes all the steps of packing as soon as an order has been picked up from a warehouse. Resulting in operational savings on labor, material, storage and shipping, the CVP-500 will make B2B companies successful in their e-commerce activities.

We are very proud to say that CVP-500 has recently been honored with several prestigious global awards

Stratégies Logistique sustainable innovation award 2016 Green Supply Chain Award 2016all4pack pack innovation award logo

NL Packaging Awards 2016 logositl logistic innovation award 2016 logoLogistica Award logo

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