June 16th, 2016

Press release : CDiscount adopts Neopost Shipping's CVP-500 for smarter, fit-to-size packing solution in time for the summer sales

Custom haute couture packaging,
With Cdiscount "You're richer than you think"

Cdiscount, the e-commerce leader in France, has agreed with Neopost Shipping, the specialist in shipment and delivery management solutions, to install the CVP-500 innovative order packaging system for its fulfillment operations. CVP-500 creates tailor-made fit-to-size packages for every order in real time.

True to its commitment to innovation, Cdiscount is determined to shrink the environmental footprint of its order fulfillment activities, while continuously improving the customer experience. By bringing the
CVP-500 system on stream, Cdiscount, which sends out more than 15 million parcels every year, will not only save on cardboard and filling materials, but will also reduce its carbon footprint by cutting the number of delivery trucks on the road.

Cdiscount is the first company in the French market to opt for an automated packing system to make fit-to-size packing for its orders. It will be used for packing items ordered from its home, sport, childcare, auto and motorbike product ranges. CVP-500 has been up and running since early June and is ready for the summer sales.

The solution of the future…

CVP-500, winner of this year's SITL Innovation Award in France, creates fit-to-size boxes in real time for each order as part of a continuous logistic flow that includes sealing and labeling for transport. The order is placed on the input conveyor and the CVP-500 packs it in an appropriate size box, regardless of the shape or size and the number of articles in the order.

… central to Cdiscount's innovation strategy to improve the customer experience and reduce its carbon footprint

By eliminating the waste generated by the mismatch between packaging size and the size of the item being sent, Cdiscount expects to cut its cardboard consumption by 15% and optimize truck loads with smaller packages and less empty packing space. Streamlined and rationalized, there will be fewer trucks and therefore less distance traveled during the year. Machines to reduce the height of its boxes are already in use by Cdiscount. The CVP-500 takes this rationalization process one step further by optimizing all three dimensions and further minimizing packaging volume.

Pierre-Yves Escarpit, Head of Supply Chain and IT at Cdiscount says:

"By matching the size of the package to the size of the contents, this innovation will improve the customer experience, reduce our cardboard consumption by 15% and cut our carbon footprint by almost 30%, as a result of the significant reduction in trucks used for order delivery."

According to Alain Férard, Chief Executive Officer of Neopost Shipping:
"Transporting e-commerce orders is often presented as carbon-intensive. With the explosion of online sales and growing consumer concern with environmental issues, e-retailers must address this problem. By reducing the volume of cardboard used and the number of trucks required for delivery – and therefore the number of miles traveled – and improving the customer experience, the CVP-500 system is an ideal solution. We are delighted to support Cdiscount in this strategy."

About Neopost Shipping

Neopost Shipping, a division of the Neopost Group, develops and provides parcel shipping and tracking offers. These solutions are intended for both supply chain professionals: carriers, postal organizations and logistics experts, and for companies that use logistics processes: manufacturers, distributors and e-merchants.

Technology experts in data acquisition, data exchange, barcode-based and RFID-based system, Neopost Shipping has outstanding domain knowledge of parcels and logistics. To support the growth of traditional and online commerce, Neopost Shipping invests and innovates to help distributors, online retailers and specialists of 1st and last kilometer to improve the delivery experience of e- consumers and grow their business while reducing operating costs.

Neopost Shipping has offices in multiple countries in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. The company has more than 400 employees including half in Product Development and Technology. Every month, 30 million shipments are prepared and labeled with our shipment management solutions in 80,000 businesses; and more than 50 million parcels and 180 million traceability events are recorded in our traceability systems.

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