February 2nd, 2017

CEVA Logistics opts for a sustainable packaging solution

CEVA Logistics, one of the biggest supply chain management companies in the world, has implemented the CVP-500 packaging system in its warehouse in Venray, The Netherlands. With this, CEVA has taken another step towards achieving its goal of being a leading player in the provision of logistic services to e-commerce.

First box ceremony with Willem Veekens, Vice President Contract Logistics Benelux CEVA Logistics (left) and Marc Aandeweg, Head of Global Sales & Operations Neopost Shipping (right).

The CVP-500 by Neopost is an automated packing system and packs single and multi-item orders with variable dimensions in a custom-fit box. Once an order is picked, the CVP-500 builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel in one seamless process. Every seven seconds this fit-to-size packing automation creates the smallest parcel needed by reducing package volume and eliminating void fill.

The speed and durability of the CVP-500 was crucial for entering into collaboration with Neopost.  The packaging process is significantly faster than the manual alternative and customised boxes mean that void fill material is no longer necessary. The implementation of this system also means that the operational process is more efficient, reducing the volume of packages that must be transported by over 25%. This equates to an annual reduction of dozens of truckloads, resulting in lower costs and reduced CO2 emissions. 

Bart Hammen, Site Manager at CEVA Venray: “At first glance, this project just seems to be about the 'outside' (the packaging), but in reality it extends much further to cover the entire process. By combining innovation, sustainability and efficiency, together with our clients we have taken a big step towards making the entire supply chain more green."

Marc Aandeweg, Head of Global Sales & Operations at Neopost Shipping: "We are very proud that our packaging solution can help CEVA Logistics to pack orders quick, reliable and sustainable. In addition to saving the environment, the CVP-500 makes a significant contribution to customer satisfaction. By eliminating oversized boxes, customers receive their order without unnecessary void fill."

The CVP-500, which won several industry awards in 2016 in the Netherlands, France and the United States, is in operation in the CEVA distribution centre in Venray, the Netherlands. The machine was delivered and installed after a period of intensive testing.