January 14th, 2016

Press release : Dutch government supports the purchase of the fully automatic packaging machine CVP-500 with fiscal advantages

The Dutch government promotes sustainable economic growth and wants to encourage companies to invest in environmentally friendly products. The MIA scheme, offering a tax rebate on environmental investments, and the Vamil scheme providing for arbitrary depreciation on environmental investments, are two different schemes run by the Ministries of Finance and Infrastructure & Environment.  Investments that fit well in the MIA\Vamil schemes’ objectives are mentioned in the so called Environmental List 2016. The Environmental List contains about 300 items of investments, which cause less environmental damage and are often in advance of the legal requirements. For 2016, the sum of 97 million euro is available for MIA and 40 million for Vamil. The CVP-500 Neopost Shipping is included in the Dutch Environmental List 2016 for the de second year in a row*.


The CVP-500, winner of the Dutch Logistica Award 2015, is a fully automatic packaging machine, developed for companies in the E-commerce. The CVP-500 packs anything of any possible shape  and has a strong focus on sustainability. By creating a custom-fit box around the order, the CVP-500 eliminates unnecessary volume and creates the smallest parcel needed. With the custom fit parcels there is no wasted space filled with air or backfill material. More boxes fit in a truck, less air is transported and fewer trucks are needed.

Marc Aandeweg, Business Development Director Neopost Shipping: "We are very pleased with this recognition from the Ministries of Finance and Infrastructure & Environment. For our Dutch customers in the rapidly growing E-commerce it now becomes even more attractive to invest in their sustainable packing process."

CVP-500 3D rendering

* The CVP-500 is registered on the Environment List 2016 on page 20 under the number F1210.

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