CVP-500 360° VR Experience


How to create a true fit to size packaging experience by using 360° surround video.

An IntraLogisteX 2017 testimonial: in March 2017 we attended to the IntraLogisteX 2017 in Coventry UK. We were first time exhibitors and our CVP-500 packaging automation is a relative newcomer to the UK e-commerce market. Every 7 seconds, this automatic packaging solution builds, fills, folds and labels a custom fit parcel in one seamless process.

Since it is quite a challenge to fit a 60 feet fully automated packing machine into a 13x13 feet stand, we decided to do something else entirely: a 360° VR movie of the CVP-500. Recorded at the largest e-commerce retailer in de Netherlands, the Blokker site at Gouda, we created a true VR experience. Visitors to IntraLogisteX were able to see the CVP-500 in 360º surround and were able to see all the benefits of fit to size packaging.  They literally stood in line to watch the video. It is not every day you experience how it is to be packed in a custom fit parcel!

CVP-500 360 VR Packaging Experience